What is This?

The Influencer Inner Circle was started in January of 2019 by Jeff Bethke and Craig Gross. The purpose of the group is to go far together! A lot of people have enormous impact online but their neighbors have a hard time understanding what you really do. We wanted to create a room where you are understood. A room with a group of people who can share secrets, build relationships, learn new things, listen to experts, and create lifelong connections.


Jeff and Alyssa Bethke

We are Jeff & Alyssa Bethke. We have three kids, Kinsley, Lucy  Kannon, and a dog named Aslan. We live in Maui, and we like to create things on the internet. We consider it an immense privilege that people care to listen or read what we have to say. If we could sum up our mission on the internet it'd be to encourage men, women and families through online experiences and creative resources that are practical, fun and help each person on their journey of following Jesus.

Craig Gross

I wear many hats. First, I am a husband to Jeanette. I am a father to Nolan and Elise. I run a couple different companies and consult for a few. I enjoy helping people build, scale and grow any online product or internet-based ideas. I am a dadager to Nolan and dance dad to Elise. I have spoken to almost a million people live, written 13 books and own more domains that I currently have ideas for. #gopackgo

Meet The Group

Glen & Yvette Henry

Glen & Yvette run a very popular YouTube channel called Beleaf in Fatherhood that has expanded to other channels and podcasts. The Henry’s have added another chocolate baby to the family and Yvette has left the classroom to become the stay at home parent. Glen continues growing the platform he has created for their family with Beleaf in Fatherhood. The couple now operates as a team from their home as they work to build their brand. This summer they launched their podcast called “How Married Are You?!” There you will find them having raw conversations about anything having to do with being married, parenting and more based off their eight years of marriage.

Jordan & Matt Dooley

Jordan's passion is to inspire and help everyday women live healthy, intentional lives. She is a  writer, speaker, and runs a full- time media company. Matt works full-time with a medical device company (formerly an NCAA & NFL long snapper) and helps Jordan with her media company. Aside from creating resources and podcasting, Matt and Jordan live a little country life in an old farmhouse in Indiana. They have eight chickens and the cutest golden doodle, Hoosier.


Jeremy & Audrey Roloff

Jeremy Roloff grew up on a 110-acre farm in Helvetia, Oregon, alongside his twin brother and two younger siblings. Jeremy helps his parents, who are both dwarfs, run Roloff Farm's pumpkin patch, which brings in thousands of visitors from around the world every weekend in October. Jeremy has a degree in professional photography, and is the co-founder with Audrey of Beating50Percent.com, a marriage ministry on mission to revive covenant marriages. He also grew up filming for a reality television show called Little People, Big World, which has been following his family since he was fourteen years old. He is a 5 on the Enneagram, loves old cars, and will never pass up an evening by the campfire.

Audrey Roloff is passionate about motivating women to always believe in the more that is within them through Christ. Her life mantra "always more" is the lifeblood of her lifestyle blog aujpoj.com, devotionals, and clothing line. She grew up downhill ski racing but eventually became a collegiate distance runner. She is mama, barre3 instructor, lover of all things floral, antiques, and the Pacific Northwest.

Sarah Grace Spann & Brandon Meckelberg

Sarah Grace Spann is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, author, and founder of the healthy lifestyle blog and Instagram account Fresh Fit N Healthy. After realizing that she wanted to create a more significant impact globally, Sarah Grace decided to step away from the typical dietitian route and instead built her own business online by offering 1-1 health coaching. She took her business from 0 to six-figures in less than six months and formed a business and branding mentorship program.

She now works privately with clients worldwide in creating individualized fitness and nutrition plans, while she also builds and sells online courses, and hosts webinars. She consistently shares free content on her blog, Instagram and Youtube channel to help people rediscover what it truly means to live a healthy lifestyle. Sarah Grace’s book, Chasing Freedom, focuses on overcoming adversity and finding freedom through Christ.

Find her on IG: @freshfitnhealthy, and her website, SarahGraceSpann.com

Dr. Brandon Meckelberg is a dentist and entrepreneur from Tallahassee, Florida. He has recently become the youngest owner in Aspen Dental history after purchasing his first practice at the age of 26. As a former college athlete at the University of Chicago, his competitive spirit and economics background pushed him into melding the fields of healthcare and business. He took over a struggling practice in North Florida in October of 2017, and by March of 2018, he had rebuilt the practice and tripled its net revenue. He will be building his second office in the Tallahassee area in 2019 and plans to expand throughout the Panhandle of Florida over the upcoming years.


Kristin & Danny Adams


In 2016, Kristin and Danny Adams posted a lip-sync video on their Facebook page that went mega-viral and completely changed their lives. To date, it's been viewed over 300 million times and has helped grow their online community to nearly 1 million people. They are passionate about finding the funny in life and relationships, and they post new videos every Friday. Before they started making videos, they both worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles for fifteen years. Kristin as a television host and correspondent, and Danny as an actor, comedian, and stuntman for sports commercials. They met in their early years of working in Hollywood, and after three years of friendship, plus another three years of dating, they married in 2008. Even in the midst of their separate careers, they always knew that the ultimate call on their lives was to work together in some capacity. Cut to May 2016, when they decided to leave Los Angeles and move to Danny's hometown of Indianapolis, IN to focus their efforts on producing online family-friendly content where God is always welcome. When they aren't making videos, they are homeschooling their two children, Harper (7) and Holt (4), traveling across the country hosting and emceeing live events, speaking at marriage conferences, and performing their "Laughter is the Best Medicine" program.

Danielle & Ryan Walker


Danielle Walker is the beloved author of three New York Times best-selling cookbooks--Against All Grain, Meals Made Simple, and Celebrations--and the voice behind one of the most popular grain-free blogs on the Internet, againstallgrain.com. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and suffering for many years, Danielle found health through dietary changes. She has become a beacon of hope in the autoimmune world, and has been a leader in the Paleo and gluten-free movement for nearly ten years.

Danielle has appeared on the Today show, The Doctors, Fox News, Access Hollywood, Hallmark's Home & Family, and many other syndicated shows. Her work has been featured in People, O (The Oprah Magazine), USA Today, Shape, Women's Health, Parents, and Fitness, among others, and she is a frequent contributor to Today.com. In 2014, Danielle was named one of Forbes 30 under 30 in the food and beverage category.

Her 4th cookbook, Eat What You Love, releases this December.



T.J. & Brooke Mousetis

Brooke & T.J. Mousetis are the creative force behind the Walk in Love lifestyle blog and apparel shop. Together they're on a mission to infuse the world with purpose, beauty, and laughter.

They live in a small town in Pennsylvania with their two daughters, June and Sunny, and have a deep love for the magic that can be found in everyday moments. They believe that God is good, joy is a choice, and when you walk in love, you change the world.

On an average day, you might find them dreaming up ideas for their business, playing with their kids, wandering the aisles of Target with iced coffees in hand, or watching The Office for the millionth time.

Neal & Stephanie Jolly

Neal Jolly left the corporate world as a project manager to pursue a creative life of content creation, travel and film-making, working full-time as a husband and wife team with his partner Stephanie in 2016. Together they’ve built a lifestyle brand and presence through social media to inspire others to create, travel, and live out their faith boldly. Neal approaches his work with enthusiasm, always prepared with camera gear and lenses to get the best shot (be it a fashion shoot on the street for Steph) or stunning b-roll while traveling. His work can be found on his Instagram and his wife Stephanie’s blog, YouTube, and social media channels. Neal loves to capture the beauty of this world on their travels for others to see that God is indeed the best artist and creator of all things good.

Stephanie (Sterjovski) Jolly created a personal blog called SS Life & Style in the summer of 2012 to share what inspired her. It started as a platform to share attainable style, décor, and beauty but since then has grown into a full-time job and lifestyle website that has expanded into various verticals such as travel, faith, and married life. SS Print Shop (an online stationery & design boutique) is an extension of her lifestyle brand, which consists of products designed to inspire others (such as wall art, prints, stationery, journals and more) with a faith-based tone. Her work has been sold in Pottery Barn, Saks, Wayfair, Chapters-Indigo, Domino Market, and more. Stephanie resides in Toronto, Canada working full-time with her husband, Neal Jolly (which they like to refer to as #teamjolly), traveling the world together, creating content, community and meaningful products that give God the glory.


Trey Kennedy

Born and raised in Edmond, OK, Trey stumbled into “Vine Fame” in college at Oklahoma State University. From there he began a journey of building a following across multiple platforms from creating comedic content. He has been doing this full-time for nearly two years now and is so grateful for this vocation. He is excited to see what is next!

Dani Austin & Jordan Ramirez

Dani Austin is an online personality and influencer popularized through Instagram and YouTube. In a world full of constant pressure and unattainable standards, Dani set out on a mission to be real on the internet. Dani has collaborated with some of the top Fortune 100 brands including being a long-term creator for Olay, Southwest Airlines, Ebay, Nordstrom, Downy and more. Her focus began in the beauty space but has transitioned to lifestyle over the past couple of years. Currently they are focused on building The Sassy Club which is a social network that allows females to live an empowered life, while you connect with other women online and offline across the U.S., and find confidence through the Lord. The Sassy Club is currently launched in 52 cities across the U.S. and continuing to expand.


Jordan Joseph Ramirez is a former startup executive turned content creator. Jordan began his career in 2013 at a startup called Ridescout where he served as the Creative Director and helped lead the team of five to a successful acquisition to Daimler (owner of Mercedes Benz) for a combined $100M. After the exit in 2015, Jordan became the Chief Marketing Officer for a wearable technology company called WiseWear in which he orchestrated the international launch campaign with celebrity fashionista, Iris Apfel, that was covered by Vogue,  InStyle, Good Morning America, ABC World News. The campaign was recognized by AdWeek and helped broker product distribution in Bloomingdales, QVC, and Nordstrom. In 2017, Jordan started a music licensing platform called Noisely with influencer Landon Austin to try and unite the music industry and make major music catalogs like Taylor Swift and Coldplay licensable for content creators. After marrying Dani Austin in 2018 he is currently focused on his roles as a creator and operator with Dani and Landon Austin helping to develop The Sassy Club, Noisely, and other internal ventures.

Carly Jean & Chad Brannon

Carly Jean Brannon is the founder of Carly Jean Los Angeles, a national clothing brand. Carly started a brick and mortar shop in 2004, CJLA at the age of 19, out of pieces from her closet and a few thousand dollars. The shop took off and became a local staple in Los Angeles. In 2010 she closed it, to raise her kids and be at home. But she could not help but be creative and found herself blogging, interior decorating and continuing her CJ candle line. In 2015 she and Chad felt called to start something again, and that was the start of CJLA online! From its beginnings of at home pop ups and private appointment, to major growth when Instagram stories started, Carly has utilized Instagram and organic collaboration for growing CJLA. She loves encouraging and inspiring women to feel and see how beautiful they already are. Her pieces help women simplify their closets, feel amazing and make getting dressed fun! Carly is a wife and mom to 4 kiddos, and lives in Malibu, CA.

Chad Brannon is an Emmy Award winning actor known for General Hospital and Friday Night Lights. He’s a main promo voice for FOX, CBS, History Channel, and Mazda. He’s been an entrepreneur in real estate development since 2000, buying, remodeling and selling homes in Los Angeles. Chad runs and has grown CJLA from a brick and mortar store to a major national online brand with his wife Carly Jean Brannon. They have 4 kids and live in Malibu, CA.

Danielle & Adam Busby

Danielle and Adam Busby are Texas parents to a 7-year-old Daughter (Blayke) and America's only all-female quintuplets (Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker). After struggling with infertility for years, God blessed them with their desire for a big family. They started documenting their journey on their Blog (Itsabuzzworld.com), to update their friends and family back home in Louisiana. Documenting their story for friends and family eventually led to their hit reality show, OutDaughtered on TLC. Although it's much harder now with six kids, Danielle and Adam still try their best to carve out the time to seek adventure and spent time traveling and exploring the outdoors. God has led Danielle to step out of her comfort zone tremendously by pushing her into the public eye. She is helping other moms and families who have struggled with infertility and who have gone through life with a child in the NICU. Adam Recently stepped away from his career in industrial communications and sales in the petrochemical industry to pursue his passions as a creator. Adam loves photography and videography and is exploring starting his own media company. 

Brent & Erin Weidemann

Erin is the founder of Bible Belles and award-winning author of The Adventures of Rooney Cruz series, Erin Weidemann is committed to changing the world’s current definition of beauty. As a certified teacher, coach, and nationally recognized speaker, she offers speaking, workshops, and seminars to equip women of all ages to let go of fear and step into the unique leadership roles for which they were designed. She is also pleased to be a part of the Speakers Bureau for World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization.

A five-time cancer survivor, Erin lives in San Diego, CA and speaks at events, conferences, fundraisers, churches, and schools. Funny and real, Erin is also the host of the Heroes For Her podcast, interviewing celebrities, actors, musicians, and other women who are living out their passions in line with their personal values.


Brent Weidemann is the co-founder of Bible Belles and a consultant in the areas of development and publishing. Brent’s professional experience has expanded from national and international corporate advertising and event sales into multimedia publishing, marketing management, business development, fundraising, and managing relationships. He has built an extensive and powerful national network that weaves in and out of the publishing, film and media industries. As COO of Bible Belles, Brent has created multiple strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships that have resulted in large-scale revenue and national attention and exposure for the brand.

Brent began his professional career as a Marketing Account Executive with the PGA TOUR. He then led the award winning, national publication Arts and Activities Magazine. Additionally, he has overseen marketing efforts, fundraising initiatives and corporate relationships for Hope Leadership Foundation, a faith-based nonprofit that serves inner-city children in San Diego.


The Influencer Inner Circle is an exclusive group that connects a diverse range of social influencers who are entrepreneurs, creators, and on and offline innovators. We meet three times a year for two full days of meetings and a bunch of meals together. We hold two of the meetings in Huntington Beach, CA and one of the meetings in Maui, HI. We stay in touch throughout the year through a private Facebook group and slack and encourage people to hang and meet up with people in the group throughout the year.

About Jeff and Craig

Craig is in his 40’s and doesn’t say “gunna” or use emojis. He works on a big screen and lives in California.

Jeff is in his late 20’s and prefers to work from his cell phone with visuals and text messages and lives in Hawaii.

Craig started a non-profit when he was 22. 

Jeff had a viral Youtube video when he was 22. 

Craig and Jeff have been partners on several online projects together since 2015 including all the Bethke's video courses, self published books and the new Family Teams venture. They have also come alongside other influencers and artists and helped create some cool projects online. The Influencer Inner Circle is an extension and progression of their work together.

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about this group please contact either Jeff Bethke or Craig Gross.


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